Monday, September 20, 2010


Just a quick Post because this point caught my attention.

Speaking to the Brits on his visit there, and they of course being the folks who struggled against Hitler as that monster tried to bomb them into submission with planes and starve them with submarines, and he of course being a man who spent time in the German military as a barely-eligible teen towards the end of that war, Benedict said to sovereign and people: “Even in our own lifetime, we can recall how Britain and her leaders stood against a Nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate God from society”.

A quick reading might lead somebody to file this under Pope Decries Nazis As Godless and move on to something more bright and shiny.

But it strikes me that there’s more to it here.

Wishing to eradicate God from society is NEITHER the invention NOR the sole conceptual property of that abhorrent bunch known as the National Socialist German Workers Party. NOR is that game-plan the protected property of any of the Nazi thinkers, so-called.

I wish here to make no simplistic correlations. But I do point out that eradicating God from society – against which the Church has struggled even longer than the Brits of the Blitz generation – is high on the to-do list of a number of politically-active groups nowadays. In fact, some of those groups are rather proud of their project.

Or, to put it another way, although the Nazi threat is no more, the ‘Godless’ threat is alive and well – and coming at the Church from the heart of the West (as it has now devolved).

And alongside the Godless society is that other pillar that Hitler also used but did not own: the Totalizing Government: “nothing against the State; nothing outside the State; nothing above the State”.

Having created so vast a vacuum, the Godless State is incapable of refusing the temptation to become the functional equivalent of God.

In this regard, the Nanny-Regulatory State is as lethal as the National Security State. Indeed, Hitler’s ideologically-driven State was both a Nanny and a Security State. The State would form you and the State would protect you.

And, of course, then use you in its ‘logical’ Mission to spread the benefits of its domination to everybody else it can. But who wouldn’t want to turn over their life to such a great Purpose?

The Pope is on the right track here. And both the Nanny and the National-Security demons can sense that.

All humans dedicated to a fundamental and genuinely liberating human liberty – rather than the childish dampdream of a ‘total autonomy’ – need to look with a more skeptical and penetrating vision at the dynamics that are driving their world today.

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