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It’s reported now that the Duke lacrosse rape case accuser has been arrested on charges of attempted murder, arson, assault, and child abuse; in a domestic violence incident she threatened to stab her partner and set fire to his clothes in a bathtub, and three children in the apartment were among those safely evacuated; it is perhaps not so much news that at the time of the incident it was not possible to determine whose children they are.

Thereby hang many tales.

The Duke rape case itself brought to public attention a number of elements that had taken hold in American society under the guise of ‘reform’, ‘liberation’ and ‘progress’.

The trip-wire presumptions that females are in large part at great risk in relationships with males, that the ‘victim’ (defined as whoever gets to the phone and makes the 911 call first) is always to be believed, that government police authority and the justice system are capable of maintaining their credibility and integrity when permitted sweeping expansions of authority through the weakening of rule of evidence and due process, and that the nation’s universities were comprised of competent and mature adults on their faculties … all these trip-wire presumptions took a big hit.

Suddenly the hardly-unpredictable consequences of too many ill-considered ‘reforms’ too-confidently adopted, with too little serious public deliberation (which in any case would have been tainted by a sensationalist media) … suddenly the resulting monstrosity became brutally clear. (And can you say ‘IraqWar’?)

A torturously complex and ultimately incredible report of victimization continued to receive serious attention. Although males are the most likely potential victims of violence in the country, the ‘empowering’ crusade to paint them as slavering, brutish lumps kept the ‘script’ glued to the female as the victim – Lifetime channel for real.

I can’t help noticing that a very neat though insidious feedback loop has now been established: in the name of a certain ‘liberation’ Parents, Family, Character, and even Adulthood itself (toss in Maturity and Decency if you like) have been tossed overboard, or at least stowed in the national garage, up on blocks.

This results in children – especially young males – receiving almost no substantive maturational guidance in the utterly vital early years. And so scads of young males grow up without any working mastery over the assertive and aggressive energies with which Evolution (not to say God) has endowed them. Which means that at an age when they start to go out into the world they are far more prone to misuse those powers. Which proves that they are chimpish lumps – in the cartoonish schematics of certain politically influential interests – and means that, at that age, only more Regulation and Prevention – provided by the State – can somehow hold them in check (let’s not even kid Ourselves that the State can mostly compensate for the lethal effects of the lost formative years).

But not to worry: they won’t ever be able to re-establish ‘patriarchy’; a Regulatory-Preventive police power, which will have to operate at near-Soviet levels – will keep after them, a Nanny-with-a-badge, the sole source of civic order.

And even as her story unraveled, reaching glaring levels of incredibility, she shrewdly stuck to it – which enabled the media to keep trying to run the established script, like an assembly-line machine that will simply continue to jam its round peg even though it’s clear to any observer that there is no piece with the round hole on the conveyor belt in front of it. In all the ‘deconstruction’ of oppressive myths, it seems a crop of new ones has been imposed to replace them: as for example, that human beings – once victimized or at least once functioning in the role of ‘victim’ – don’t lie.

That flies in the face of everything history and experience has taught about human nature (now deconstructed) and ignores the abiding human reality which the concepts of Sin and Original Sin (also now deconstructed) were designed to explain. In their place is the almost primitive presumption that once a human being acts in a certain role, then s/he cannot tell a lie.

Which in turn was proven to be grossly inaccurate when the local District Attorney was discovered to have made up his mind that this case had to be 'successfully' prosecuted* and began administering the (already weakened) criminal justice process in such a way as to make sure that ‘the rapists’ were brought to – as it were – ‘justice’. He committed such serious professional and official mis-, mal-, and non-feasances that the State’s Attorney General had to take over the investigation (and put an end to it); and the DA was then disbarred.

Which served in turn only to enrage a stunningly sizable chunk of the Faculty, for whom – as they insisted in writing and in comments – ‘facts don’t matter’. It may seem strange that a somebody paid as a professor in a University – and one that pretends to a rather high status – would officially put him or herself on the record as not being concerned for ‘facts’, but such is Our modern American reality. Even the University Administration supported them, until it became clear that going further along the Correct path was going to wreck the credibility and even the ‘seriousness’ of the University itself.

As best I can make out, the ‘facts’ of the case didn’t matter because they were overridden by a larger set of ‘facts’: that men are loutish, violent rapist lumps and that consequently any ‘case’ brought against them in civil or criminal law – even if such case is not quite solid, or even grossly un-solid – is still ‘legitimate’ because it is part of the great empowering and liberating emergency and revolution to erase the infamy of the loutish male.

No wonder the Democrats don’t want anybody looking back and would prefer that We all just look forward (to the comforting fairy tales erected in that direction). In their desperate bid to raise up political Identities to replace the broken New Deal coalition, the Dems indentured themselves not simply to the most whacked of radical feminist-with-Maoist-methods whackery, but to what in effect has been a ‘deconstruction’ of the entire vessel called American culture-and-civilization, and to what in effect has been a government-sponsored war on half of its population (which still doesn’t beat Stalin and Mao – who conducted a war on their entire populations, but it puts this country ahead of just about every other major rival).

This country – at this point – now imprisons more citizens and a larger proportion of its citizens (and almost all of them male) than any country in the world, including Communist China.

Clearly there are dots to be connected here. In the service of imposing quickly and thoroughly a revolutionary (or multi-revolutionary) ‘liberation’ the Beltway – first the Democrats but then also the Republicans** - has created – step by step and inch by inch – the Regulatory-Preventive, prosecutorial Nanny State – which indeed requires that the original substance of the Framers’ Constitutional vision to be declared “quaint” because there is no way in History or Creation that the vision underlying this new monstrosity is compatible with a Mature People and a Constitutional Republic that is Grounded by that People.***

And that Regulatory-Preventive State – now the only source of civic order, since the entire Trellis of living concepts imparted by Parents and Family, religion and tradition, maturity and adulthood has been deconstructed – has been aimed at ‘males’ specifically, resulting in an imprisonment rate (mostly without trials) of Communist-level percentages of the Citizenry. The United Secure States of America – the USSA. Or the United Safe States of America – take your pick.

And you thought that Our economic future was the only nightmare due for wide release in the upcoming season?

But in an effort at ‘balance’ the post-9/11, Patriot Act Beltway has dragooned just about everybody. If that’s any consolation.

There’s a reason why History is spelled with a capital ‘H’.

Welcome to your world.

We need to rethink Our revolutions. And maybe get back toward that Revolution whose fruits have been declared “quaint” with all the force of elite opinion and chicanery.


*This may seem "quaint", but a prosecutor is still an Officer of the Court and as such is required to ensure that "truth" (if with a capital "T", now deconstructed) is brought before the Court - s/he is as responsible as a sworn witness to provide 'the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth' to the Court. Nowadays, especially in the wake of decades of legal 'reforms' prosecutors are now seen - in the French Revolutionary mode - as avenging agents of the Truth who are therefore on a 'mission' sooooo 'good' that nothing can be allowed to obstruct their path to the 'successful prosecution'; truly the "facts don't matter" - which when applied in the legal forum creates hell-on-earth. (Yes, you may have noticed: there is no Truth ... except the revolution's Truth, which is the Politically Correct truth, which is what only those who 'get it' can see and what those who 'just don't get it' can't see.)

**Why? We may well ask. Politically, to nail down a hefty chunk of that 51% demographic constituted by ‘women’ – represented, however, by the cadres of the most radical elements of feminism, and with enough time on their hands to set up shop inside the Beltway and set up, as it were, housekeeping.

And perhaps also to create at least the semblance of Beltway competence and sustain legitimacy and authority at a time when, starting in the Seventies, it was becoming clear that the Beltway really had no way to A) sustain the great postwar American ‘success’ in a rapidly re-developing world and B) was so indentured (through PAC money) to corporate contributions that it could not have imposed any national economic policy on the corporations even if it had devised one.

We should probably add a third, ‘C’, about the Beltway’s increasingly frakkulous indenture to the State of Israel, but how much bad news can you take on a Friday morning?

***The National Nanny State requires ‘children’ and ‘victims’, not Citizens; the National Security State requires jingoist cannon-fodder. And the services of Lincoln’s “People” are no longer required, except to take vacation trips to Washington or Gettysburg and buy lots of old-timey souvenirs.


You can read one of my several Posts from back when the case was in the headlines here.

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