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… was the motto of Hitler’s SS. It was considered the prime indicator of character in those circles.

That was a shrewd move. When all the indicators of character such as it has been known in Western civilization are not present, are indeed actively replaced by their opposites, such that you are for all practical purposes making war upon ‘Character’, then you want to make the most of what little you’ve got left.

Thus with Hitler. Thus, especially now that things are going south, with more recent Leaders of a New World Order and the wannabe elites who serve them. A code of silence, of Mob-like omerta, preferably encased in a tall, steely-eyed, lantern-jawed, (and crew-cut, blonde, and blue-eyed, if at all possible) shell … that’s what Hitler was going for. But he was pragmatic; there aren’t enough crew-cut, blonde, blue-eyed paragons in any country to reliably administer a New World Order, and the Fuhrer was an equal-opportunity corrupter of souls. And he preferred vegetables and frowned upon smoking … the man was positively ahead of his times.

As previously noted on this site (“What’s A Wehrmacht To Do?”) one of the profoundly sobering aspects of those Twelve Years, for any patriot in any nation, is the awareness that so many young people were born into Time at just the moment when it would be the Third Reich that served as the vessel for the moral project of their life – that one, single, un-repeatable opportunity to stretch forth your hand into History, to shape a Self and extend its Gifts into the great human Stream. How many of them committed themselves in sincerity, only to find themselves ordered after a while to do the most unspeakable things under the color of their military or public authority; how many of them yielded, perhaps stubbornly, perhaps only with torturous personal conflict, but yielded … enough so that the taint of their actions and their association with the Third Reich will stain their memory for all Time.

How awe-full and awesome is the responsibility of a nation, of a People, to send its own, especially its young, into the maw of Great Things. They look to Us for the approval that tells them they have chosen rightly and well how to spend their opportunities and their energies. They grant Us implicitly the trust that We know what We are doing as a People in History, that We have committed Ourselves to the discipline of being a People in History, that We wrestle in season and out of season with the demons of pleasure and power so that We might clearly and rightly decide grave matters.

We have not performed well of late. Not at all. And thus We have delivered so many of Our own, who committed themselves in obedience to Our authority and to those whom We set over them … we have delivered them to unspeakable sufferings and temptations.

We must rise up, and regain Ourselves this Memorial Day. There is no time for sentimental nostalgia, for self-flattering illusions and shallow posturing. Only a moment can be allowed to think on the sacrifices of those who have gone before, giving their lives in Our service. Because even as We stand here, far too many still in uniform are exposed to the unchained darkness of Ares Ferox et Atrox. We sent them there. They will return to Us some day, in body or in spirit. But they need Us right now.

The Revolutionary War heroes and the Civil War veterans will understand if We direct the weight of Our attention and Our intention to those presently entailed on Our behalf. After all, if We take increased devotion to their successor comrades in arms still living and fighting today, then no matter what the circumstances of their own service long long ago, they will not have died in vain.

Nor can We allow Ourselves the sheepish thought that We are “only civilians” on this soldier’s day. We are the People, in Whose service and upon Whose authority American soldiers are brought into being. We must therefore respect them, but We can never defer to them. We can never lay down Our own authority to People the Republic whose uniform they wear. To forget that authority and that responsibility, to neglect it for even a moment’s indulgence in the syrupy pleasure of sentimentality and nostalgia, is a true treason, a trahison, a betrayal. And there has been enough of that in this generation.

Face them all – the ones of another time who fought here or over there or who served anywhere. Draw from them that increased devotion that We so deeply need, that We too largely lack.

If We are to fulfill Our commission, then We must enter into Our times, and wrestle with the demons and the angels there. If America becomes a country where only the soldiers live in the discipline of struggle toward the goals of Truth and Justice, then We shall meanly lose this Republic. And We shall have betrayed all of them who ever took on the responsibilities of the uniform. And they shall never forget.

Let us therefore brace Ourselves to Our duties, and so bear Ourselves …

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Blogger David said...

You have your finger on the heartbeat of fanaticism when you focus on the motto: "Loyalty is our honor." With this phrase and others like it eg. "Fidelity (to omerta, Qur'an, Torah, King James Version, Pope etc.) is our honor", we vouchsafe our critical powers of reason to identification with the political power of some human thing be it the Cosa Nostra or the Council of Trent.

It certainly simplifies things. I remember when 'loyalty' to Humanae Vitae was the litmus test of catholicism. When loyalty becomes an exercise in hating and being hated by the right people we are at a new low - identical to other historic lows in its toxic search for simplification and thus a dangerous certainty.

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